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The Ultimate Seminar 2014 – Dan Parry is on the PRODUCTION AND SONGRWITING panel

Expertise: Audio Engineer/Grammy Award Winner for Adele ‘21’

Dan Parry is a British audio engineer who has been involved in the recording of Ceelo Green’s hit album ‘The Lady Killer’ and Platinum selling artist Adele with her album ‘21’ as well as with mixes on Miles Kane‘s debut solo album Colour Of The Trap.

His career began back in the summer of 2001, when shortly after college he landed a job working at Soul II Soul Studios in Camden Town, before joining Metropolis Group in 2004.[1]

After two years in a training position, Parry became an assistant engineer working mainly with double Grammy award winning mix engineer, Tom Elmhirst. Parry spent the next four years learning under Elmhirst and working with artists such as Amy Winehouse, Adele, and Mark Ronson.

In 2009, Parry co-created the i-Mixing service. An online service offered by Metropolis Studios, providing low cost mixing usually to unsigned artists. The service utilises dead time in the studios coupled with the mixing skills of the facility’s in-house and assistant engineers. The service brings affordable mixing services carried out in a leading studio to people who might not normally have the budget to mix in such a facility. In 2010, he was nominated for his first ever Grammy Award for his involvement on Lady Gaga‘s The Fame Monster album. From the start of 2011, Parry became the first engineer to join the newly created Metropolis Management roster.


 1. What has been your most memorable learning curve?

My most memorable learning curve…There have been many but two stand out to me:

  • My time working at Soul II Soul studios, which began with me turning up in a shirt, trousers and shoes on my 1st day only to be handed a broom, mop and bucket.
  • Working with mix engineer, Tom Elmhirst. Very few people are afforded the opportunity to learn their craft from one of the best in such a specialist field of work.

2. What is your main motivation?

I’m somewhat driven by a fear of failure so I guess that’s also my motivation.

 3. What has been the highlight of your career so far?

 It’s too hard to choose between them so I’ll give you them both. Meeting Michael Jackson on a recording session in 2005 at Metropolis studios. And secondly, winning a Grammy and being up on stage while Adele collected her Album of The Year award.


Twitter: @IamDanParry

Instagram: @IamDanParry


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